Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zany Dezines Blog Makeover Winner!

The winner of the blog makeover from:


Um, wait a second.

Let me make sure that you know that Amber is offering $5 twitter backgrounds right now. AND $4 of that goes to support Mission Monkey!

She has really reasonable rates for blog design, too. And I love, love, love what she did for Things I Can't Say.

And Brittany is currently offering a special for those of you who either have less than 100 follower or if your blog is less than 5 months old. Total design for $25.

And don't forget that there are coupons to be won for discounts for their services all around the blogosphere.

Now, for our winner:



Oka said...

Well, if I am going to loose, that is one lady I don't mine loosing too, LOL

Congrats Angie

Brittany Ciara said...

Yay ANGIE!!! :)

Angie said...

Awww... thanks Heather!!! ((Hugs))

I am so super excited!!!